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Awesome Diaper Cake Instrucion

I made this Winter Wonderland diaper cake for my dear friend who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. She contacted me to ask if I could make a diaper cake for her daughter’s baby shower. I have only made about 5 diaper cakes. I love to make diaper cakes and get very excited when I get to do one. The baby is due in January, so they were going with a Winter Wonderland theme.


Winter Wonderland Diaper Cake Details

  • I used 200 diapers to make this diaper cake because I wanted it to be large.  You can make it with less if you like.
  • The first thing I do is create the base using styrofoam.  I cut a circle as large as I need it to be and then glue one of those noodles that are used for swimming in the pool to the styrofoam plate I cut out.  This will make it possible for the whole cake to stay together.
  • I then cut out another 2 plates out of styrofoam with each one being smaller than the other in size.
  • I usually get size 2 and 3 diapers because many of the people I have made the diaper cakes for like to keep them displayed in the baby’s room for a while.  I use larger diapers so they can keep it a bit longer.
  • I use the smaller size diapers on top and the larger size diapers on the bottom.
  • I rolled every diaper and used a clear rubber band around each one.
  •  Then I arranged them on the base I prepared, placing the diapers around the noodle.
  • Once I had the size I wanted with the diapers, I used a large clear rubber band to secure the bunch.
  • I then cut a hole in the middle of the next styrofoam plate.  The hole should be a little smaller than the noodle because you can then squeeze the noodle to get the plate through.
  • I started the whole process again with arranging the diapers and securing them.
  • These steps were repeated a 3rd time for the last tier.  That completed the making of the cake.
  • I then used mesh, plastic safety pins, cut out foam snowflakes and letters to decorate the cake.

As I walked from the car to the second floor of the restaurant to the room where the baby shower was going to be held, everyone that passed me stopped to talk to me about the diaper cake.  Many could not believe it was made of diapers. The Winter Wonderland diaper cake had everyone “frozen” in amazement!


Creative and Unique Diaper Cake Gift for Baby Shower

I received two diaper cakes for my oldest daughter and I really thought they were neat so I decided to start making them. This is the most recent one that I made for a co-worker’s shower this week.

  • Creative and Unique Diaper Cake Gift for Baby Shower

I used 100 size Newborn Pampers and a bottle to make the three tiers of the cake, attached scrapbook stickers and a glittery butterfly and flower with a hot glue gun, inserted acrylic pacifiers, rocking horses, and some necessary baby items, washcloths, comb and brush, and teething ring between the diapers and the blue polka dot ribbon, each tier of diapers was wrapped in.

Lastly, I used a baby blue curly ribbon as a topper. This is a really fun project that I enjoy doing in my spare time. Each one that I make is different because I like to create unique diaper cakes. That way no one can say, “I have that same diaper cake!”

Coolest Edible Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

This edible diaper cake was made for my nephew and his wife’s baby shower. It was fun to make not to mention easy as well!

  • Coolest Edible Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

I made 3 cakes, 12″, 9″ and 6 ”  round. Using rolled fondant , colored  pink, mint green and lavender.  I rolled out squares of about 4×6 ‘, using Wilton impression roller to make scroll design. Rolled them up  to resemble receiving blankets and placed them around the stacked tiers (covered in butter cream frosting). I then wrapped ribbon, with hot glued pacifiers, rattles, safety pins and baby bracelets around each tier of cake, made a bow out of ribbon, glued to the ribbon already wrapped around the cake.

Using a 3D felt shaped heart glued it to the middle of the bow. Then I glued the pink blocks together by the corners to make a half moon shape. Placing a stuffed animal on top of the 6″ round ( cut a piece of clear plastic, about 4″ and place on top of tier to protect the stuffed animal from getting frosting on it) placing the blocks in front with the stuffed animals paws on top of the blocks. I lightly glued the animals paws to the block for stability.

The reviews where excellent, everyone loved the cake!


  • Pink, mint green and lavender fondant 4×6″  I made about  40 or so of each.
  • Using party favors for the pins, rattles and pacifiers.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Pink Ribbon.
  • Butter cream frosting

Coolest Woodland Animals Diaper Cake

I made this Woodland Animals diaper cake for a co worker. She decorated her nursery in Woodland animals so I bought several different stuffed animals and the ribbon used around each layer was animal print. I used a plastic platter as the base wrapped with tissue paper and then applied the baby’s name and date with stickers (this step may have to be added later if the name or date is not known).

  • Coolest Woodland Animals Diaper Cake
  • Coolest Woodland Animals Diaper Cake
  • Coolest Woodland Animals Diaper Cake
  • Coolest Woodland Animals Diaper Cake
  • Coolest Woodland Animals Diaper Cake

I also added two onesies ($3 each) and folded over the ribbon in the front with cute saying on the front. I added shampoo, lotion, and pacifiers to fill in gaps. The baby shower was held at work and was the talk of the party. The new momma loved it and could use most everything in it…although she didn’t want to take it apart.

Coolest Monkey Diaper Cake

I made this monkey diaper cake for my nephew. My niece didn’t have a baby shower so I took it to the hospital when he was born Everyone was fascinated with it and all employees at the hospital came to see it.

  • Coolest Monkey Diaper Cake
  • Coolest Monkey Diaper Cake
  • Coolest Monkey Diaper Cake
  • Coolest Monkey Diaper Cake
  • Coolest Monkey Diaper Cake

I rolled diapers that were printed with monkeys and used little rubber bands to hold. I bought a plastic platter at the Dollar tree and wrapped with tissue paper then used stickers to put baby’s name and date on the plate.

On the front I folded a onesie that says, “Introducing Me” which added a cute touch and a cute bathtub duckie. I also added to ribbons, one front and other on back, with little hand print and footprint. On the top, I used monkeys holding shampoo, lotion, and washcloths. The layers were wrapped with ribbon that says, “its a boy” and then tied with curling ribbon. The new momma loved it!

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