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Coolest Puppy Dog Birthday Cake 63

by Nicole G.

Homemade Puppy Dog Birthday Cake

Homemade Puppy Dog Birthday Cake

This is a Puppy Dog Birthday Cake I made for my niece's birthday. She had asked me to make her a cake with a dog and a bone on it. This is what I came up with.

I made all the fondant first and shaped the dogs and let dry a couple of days prior to baking the cake. I dyed the fondant using the gel food coloring. This is a two layer cake with butter cream icing in between the layers and covering the whole cake. Then covered in the green fondant. I then placed the dogs into position on the cake and made sprouts of grass by squeezing fondant through my garlic press and cutting it off with a butter knife and placing it on the cake.

Everything is secured using butter cream icing. The dirt around the one dog digging is chocolate sprinkles bought from the bulk store, again secured by pressing them into the butter cream icing. The bones are made of candy and I got them out of those little garbage cans you can by with candy shapes in them. Sorry cant remember what it is called.

The garbage cans are pink, purple etc. I found them at the bulk barn. The icing around the bottom is butter cream dyed pink. The little paw prints are actually little stickers, which were removed before serving.

This was a fun cake, and my niece really enjoyed it.

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Cake Tin
by: Anonymous

Was just wondering what size of cake tin you used for this?

cake pans
by: Anonymous

I used two 9 inch circle pans.

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Coolest Terrier Dog Cake 56

by Jo
(Sydney, Australia)

Homemade Terrier Dog Cake

Homemade Terrier Dog Cake

Cake: basic butter cake.
Icing: Buttercream frosting, piped with ridged tip.
Decorations: licorice (2 types), sour strap.

This Terrier Dog Cake was baked in a roasting pan (cooked the day before and frozen). I found a picture of a Scottish Highland terrier (front on view) which I enlarged to the height of the pan then traced onto baking paper. I turned the ears down to prevent getting confused with a cat.

There was enough width spare that when I cut out the body I could use the offcut to one side of the abdomen for the nose piece; I just cut a semi-oblong and then sliced it to half the depth. I attached this with icing.

I chose to put a little cocoa in the icing, although my picture was white; I didn't think butter-colour would work. I piped the icing in strokes with a ridged tip- tried to follow the direction of hair growth in my picture.

The eyes are just a slice of 'natural licorice', the nose is the same with a thin strap coiled around it. The ears, neck use a thin strap, and the tongue cut from a red sour strap.

It took about an hour and a half to decorate it- well worth it when my one-year-old saw it and exclaimed "dog"!

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Coolest Puppy Dog Birthday Cake 80

by Lea W.
(Spring, TX)

Homemade Puppy Dog Birthday Cake

Homemade Puppy Dog Birthday Cake

I decided to make a Puppy Dog Birthday Cake for my son's 2nd birthday. My inspiration for the topper was his favorite stuffed dog that he sleeps with every night.

I sculpted the dog out of Wilton's store bought fondant. I attached his arms and legs by just dabbing a little water on the body and sticking them on. For the head and tail I used toothpicks plus a dab of water. I used an edible food pen to color on his spots and eyes.

The cake was a regular 9 in round three tier cake covered in pre-colored Duff's store bought fondant (I find this fondant easier to work with when covering cakes). I wrote my son's name on the side of the cake by rolling out different colored fondant into snakes and then forming them into letters and I again attached them using dabs of water. I also cut out dog bones and placed those around the cake.

My son's face lit up when he saw his cake. That was all the thanks I needed!

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its great
by: jan richards

wow that's cool, I love the way you have done the letters.

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