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Coolest Nemo Cake 70

by Peggy
(Marysville, WA.)

Nemo Cake

Nemo Cake

Making this Nemo cake was so much fun. They do not sell a Nemo cake pan that looks like Nemo.

I went to Google images and typed in Nemo. There I was able to see several images of the fish. I picked the biggest image I could find, printed the photo on my printer. I tried to enlarge the image to fit my 9 X 13 cake pan, but it just wouldn't do. I ended up just having to eyeball it freehand.

I used just a regular white cake box mix. After it cooled I turned it upside down on a covered board of aluminum foil. I did have to add an extra piece of left over cake to add to the tail to make it longer. I find the frosting does wonders when it comes to the detailing of the shapes of the fins and tail. I just used the regular recipe for butter cream decorating frosting (butter, crisco, and powdered sugar and a pinch of milk).

Making the orange color was just mixing red and yellow food coloring till I got the perfect orange color. I used a decorator tube for the black lines. I spread the frosting on with a knife that I dip in hot water constantly to spread more evenly. I used a 4" paintbrush dipped in hot water just to soften the bristles then pat dry. This was used to brush the fins.

One of the best creations I’ve made and it was extra special for my grandaughters 2nd birthday.

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Chef Peggy!!
by: Anonymous

Wow!! chick!! You did an awesome job!! You could take up cake decorating as a a minute...third job...*G* Good JOB!

Have an awesome Christmas!! See ya after the cruise..somewhere.



over the rainbow
by: Lynn

OK Martha---
How can one person have such an unfair proportion of talent?! She sings, plays, cooks, and dances a tango!

Coolest Grandma ever
by: Johnny & Diana

Cienna and family loved the Nemo cake. It was too cute to eat but we managed and it was delicious. How did you remove all the bones?
We did not let Cienna see us fillet him.
Can I put in a request for a Bon Jovi or Keith Urban cake for Diana's birthday?
We appreciate all the hard work and love you put into it.

Love hugs & Kisses

Finding Nemo
by: Peggy, from Marysville

Finding finding Love,Inspiration,
Power, Will and Want from Family and Friends.
Thank You!!!!

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Coolest Nemo Cake 86

by Victoria

Homemade Nemo Cake

Homemade Nemo Cake

My son, Caleb, LOVED the movie Finding Nemo when he was a baby. So I decide to make him a Nemo cake. This movie was how I was able to do the dishes, laundry, cook and other everyday tasks!

I made a sheet cake first (1 store bought cake mix) for the ocean and then I mixed up another and poured it evenly between 2 Pampered Chef Batter Bowls (mixing bowls) greased and floured. (DON"T MAKE ALL THREE AT ONCE AS THE MIDDLE DOESN'T COOK ALL THE WAY! Trial and error. Frost the sheet cake blue for the ocean and set aside.

While Nemo's body was baking I tinted melting chocolate and made the outline for the 3 fins on wax paper, let it harden in the fridge, filled in the outline with more chocolate and put it back in the fridge to harden once more.

After the cakes had cooled completely I leveled the top off each and a little off the side (so he would sit flat) and used some frosting to "glue" the head end and tail end together. Gently set "Nemo" on the ocean and carefully frost the orange and white stripes (I used a star tip- Beware it takes some time). Once that was done I used the melted chocolate I had tinted black to define each orange and white stripped section and his smile.

It took me about 3 hours to do this cake. But I was VERY pleased with the way it turned out!

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Coolest Nemo Cake 74

by Crystal
(Washington State, USA)

Homemade Nemo Cake

Homemade Nemo Cake

My son was turning 2 and he is in love with Nemo. I knew I needed to make my 1st cake. (I was scared). I came upon this site while doing my search! And used some others ideas.

I did 2 9x13 white cakes with chocolate filling, 2 9in layered round cakes with Vanilla filling, and 1 7in Square cake carrot with cream cheese filling. I used Wilton recipe for Buttercream frosting, tinted it with Wilton Coloring Blue (Cant remember the #).

Did the seaweed with a leaf tip #47 with a line of a light green down the middle. And Coral with the orange, I drew some starfish and other fish. I used Choco chips for the dirt with some sprinkles, Rock candy for some coral.

After I was through decoration I put 4 cake sticks in the cake so I would have something for my topper to go since my topper was so heavy. (I had to buy a whole Nemo fish tank and use the figurine in it for my cake topper, because no one carries anything Nemo where I live). And tada! I'm so glad I found this site!

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by: Anonymous

Now this is what you call a have made the top of the list! What spirit you have! Good luck baking many more cakes to come!

Can you help?
by: Anonymous

I love your cake!! I do have a question about it...where did you find the rock candy crystals? I am attempting to make a Nemo cake but I don't even know where to being looking for rock candy crystals!

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