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Coolest Hello Kitty Cake 68

by Lesley
(Brisbane, Australia)

Hello Kitty (Country and Western)

Hello Kitty (Country and Western)

My daughter was having a farm party for her 5th birthday and wanted a Hello Kitty cake. I found a country and western Hello Kitty picture which I downloaded. I drew it larger freehand so that would fit on a large slab cake. I made a Madeira sponge for this.

I used my template and cut out the cake. Then I cut my template into pieces (the hat, the vest etc). I iced it all over in butter cream and used licorice cut into strips and did the outline of the picture by placing the templates gently on the icing and putting the licorice strips down. Where it is coloured, I thinned the plain icing out and replaced it with the colours.

I used shades of pink and a dark purple for the boots and hat. (I find a paste is better to colour the buttercream as you get a more vibrant colour). I used a yellow jelly bean for the nose and a black one for each eye. I tied a ribbon in a bow and placed it under her hat near her ear.
I used licorice strips for the whiskers.

I then used different shaped lollies for the decorations on the skirt, kerchief and vest.
I covered the cake board in some pink paper and clear contact so the icing wouldn't stain the paper.

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Coolest Hello Kitty Cake 73

by Julie
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hello Kitty Cake, Cupcakes and Cookies!

Hello Kitty Cake, Cupcakes and Cookies!

This Hello Kitty cake is my 4th cake using fondant and my first 3D cake.

Tools I used:

Wilton 3D Cuddly Bear Pan
1 Box of cake mix, any flavor prepared as instructed on box
1 batch of pound cake batter (any recipe)
A Hello Kitty doll you can use to guide your carving. A doll the size of the cake is helpful
Pizza cutter for cutting fondant pieces
Food colors
Fondant tools

The cake pan requires 6-1/2 cups of cake batter. I used 3 cups of regular cake mix and 3-1/2 cups of pound cake and mixed them together before pouring inside the bear. The pound cake gives the cake a stiffer consistency for carving the Kitty shape. The inside of the cake is hollow because of the heating core that comes with the pan. After carving, I poked a hole behind the neck and filled the Kitty with chocolate filling.

Once shaped, crumb coat, butter cream, then decorate however you like. I used fondant for that smooth look. The cake ends up being pretty small because of all the cake you carve off. I used my cake as the top of a cupcake tower. I also made Hello Kitty face cookie favors.

My customer was very pleased.

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Hello Kitty Cake
by: Anonymous

Awesome 3d Hello Kitty Cake...

by: Anonymous

You really nailed it! I think that I am artistic, but I don't think that I will try this one.

by: amilia

This is a really nice cake. I was just wondering, I am in Ca and was wondering are you based out of CA? and if you are do you do personal cakes or do you work out of a shop. Let me know, thanks.

by: jennifer

wow this is awsome!!! so i really need one and willing to drive where i gotta go. I'm in temple city, CA and really interested, here is my email jsaaved(at) please get to me asap thanks

Lovi it....
by: Anonymous

Can I place an order from you for my daughters bday?

georgeous! I like it..........
by: Tiffany

Thats beautiful! I also live in L.A., and was wondering if i can place an order with you for my daughters 11th B-Day.

Contact Info
by: Julie

need to know
by: Francesca

You did an amazing job... I am making my niece a Hello Kitty cake and would love to follow your instructions... did you do the body separate and then the head? or did you apply the fondant in pieces?

i love hello kitty
by: finlay hennessy

i love hello kitty and i relly love the cakes and cookies

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Coolest Hello Kitty Cake 69

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake

I made this Hello Kitty cake for my daughter's 4th birthday. I already had the Wilton animal crackers cake pan from making a cow cake for her 2nd birthday. I thought that the pan looked very similar to Hello Kitty's head. I sliced off the raised nose portion of the cake.

I used different colored icing to make the eyes, nose, and hair bow. I used a star tip for most of it and cornstarch to smooth out eyes and nose. My daughter has a Hello Kitty video set in which Hello Kitty has a sister name Mimi. My daughter wanted both a Hello and Mimi Kitty cake.

Hello Kitty always wears a red hair bow and her sister always wears a yellow hair bow. I used a 6 in. round Wilton cake pan to make Mimi and split a cupcake in half for her ears. The remaining cupcakes were decorated with Hello Kitty faces using icing and various decorator sprinkles.

The whole project used 2 boxes of Duncan Hines cake mix and 3 tubs of DH frosting. I used gel food coloring for better color.

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