Coolest Cake Decorations for a Patriotic Theme Party

Take a look at the coolest Patriotic-themed cakes and cake decorations. Just click on any of the cakes below to view cake photos and preparation tips from that birthday cake category.

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US Flag Cake

Coolest Patriotic Flag Cake

I found this fabulous ‘flag’ cake idea on-line and then added my own special touches to make it a truly a unique cake that was raved about my everyone!!! The cake is made by baking 1 large blue cake (I used 14″ pan); 1 each smaller white and red cakes (10″ pans); and 1 each large white and red cakes (again 14″ pans).

Level all of your cakes, slice the large white and red cakes in half (you now have 4 layers of cake) and then using butter cream frosting between each layer, place one large red cake on the bottom topped by one large white cake and repeat. (*do not cut the blue cake in half)

Next, cut a 10″ circle out of the middle of your large blue cake. I usually cut it slightly smaller so that the following layers fit snuggly inside the blue ring you will be left with. Place the blue ‘ring’ on top of your large red and white layers and gently apply butter cream frosting to the inside of the ring. I usually have a lot of crumbs in my frosting on this inside portion but don’t worry…they won’t be visible in the completed cake! Read more about this Flag cake…

Brazil Flag Cake

Coolest Flag of Brazil Cake

This flag of Brazil cake was made for a special missionary service at my church. The missionary was from Brazil so they asked me if I could do a flag of Brazil.  It is a half sheet cake which is half chocolate half yellow cake with green butter cream icing. I used my Cricut cake to cut out the yellow diamond shape and the circle blue circle for the center of the flag. Read more about this Brazil flag cake…