Awesome Hungry Shark Birthday Cake

This awesome Hungry Shark birthday cake was for my nephew and my sister has a passion for making the best birthday cakes out of our family. She puts us to shame when it comes to our kids birthday parties. But I believe this one “takes the cake” for the best one ever. Weeks of thinking of … Read more

Cutest Bulldog Cake

Talk about complicated, these cute little puppies have so many wrinkles and crevises. It was so fun to do though. I made it for a friend’s wife for her birthday since they have 2 of these babies. I started off sculpting the head out of rice crispy treats and forming it too the basic shape … Read more

Coolest Zoo Animal Cake

This is the first time I used marshmallow fondant to make a character and it work out well. This is also the first time I made a zoo animal cake. This cake is made out of butter cream frosting and detailed in fondant. I made the bamboo by making a log and cut it into pieces and … Read more

Coolest Homemade 3D Frog Birthday Cake for my Granddaughter

My granddaughter turned 10 this year. I asked what she would like her cake to be. I really didn’t need to ask as she is an avid frog lover! Of course her answer was a frog birthday cake. I made her a cake last year that had a frog on it made of gum paste and cut out so I wanted … Read more

Coolest Little Owl Cake

Ok well this was a 9″ Vanilla Cake. Layered with vanilla frosting in between the layers. A pale Blue fondant was used to cover the cake. I sat it on a pink board as it was for a little girl who loved owls. I started by colouring fondant in Red and Green. I then cut … Read more

Coolest Deer Cake for 8-Year-Old (It Made Him Cry!)

I made horns out of gum paste so they would be good and strong. They we not so easy to make. Small pieces kept falling off so I finally came up with idea to mold them into right shape and let them dry on Pepsi can. My husband made rue they looked like they should lol, stacked … Read more

This is Louie – My Roasted Pig Cake!

This is my roasted pig cake. His name was Louie. We ate him. I got mixed reviews on him. My cakes freak  my sister out. She says they are weird. I love weird. I made 3 batches of my special pound cake and stacked them. I put a thin layer of butter cream and then … Read more

Coolest Kids Tropical Luau Monkey Cake

Luau Theme Cake with Monkey

My husband’s cousin called and asked me to make a kids luau themed monkey cake with palm trees and to make the decorations out of candy. OK  I’m up for the challenge! She sent me a few pics of different ideas or different candy the decorations could be made out of and I took it from there. … Read more

Cool Duckling Cake

This was the duckling cake that I  made for the kids of my apartment. Exams were over and they wanted to celebrate. Completed the entire thing in flat 3 hours. The kids loved it. It was an emergency order and all that I could think of was to make the cake simple and sweet ….something … Read more

Hand-Drawn Eagle Birthday Cake

After icing the cake I drew the eagle on the cake using the end of a rose nail. I used the grass tip for the feathers and raised it off the cake a bit to give it texture. I airbrushed the shadows with black. The beak was airbrushed yellow, orange, and a little bit of … Read more

Coolest Kit Kat Piglets Playing in the Mud Birthday Cake

This  Kit Kat piglets playing in the mud birthday cake was made for a lady’s 79th birthday. I made two round chocolate cakes, and put strawberry filling in the center. I frosted the cake with chocolate frosting, then I covered the sides with two rows of Kit Kat candy bars. I cut the Kit Kats to the correct … Read more