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Coolest Haahoos Cake

Homemade Haahoos from In the Night Garden Cake

I decided when my daughter was born that I would do what my mum always did for me and make a full blow out decorated Birthday cake every year. First year I made a duck pond and sculpted ducks frogs and plants out of fondant for the top. For her 2nd Birthday I got a little more ambitious.

My wife warned me I was destined for disaster, but I’m a man so I never listen. I was working a 7 day run of 12 hour midday to midnight shifts, so this Haahoos from In the Night Garden Cake had its finishing touches between 1 and 4am the night before the party. By trade I’m a Police Officer and no great artist, so this may inspire some others.

The idea came from her love of the show and the relative simplicity of a Haahoo. I started with 2 round 10 inch Victoria sponge cakes, 2 layer sandwiched with raspberry jam and buttercream. I then cut one cake to resemble the top half of the Haahoo and the second for the bottom, then some offcuts to fill in the middle. Read more about this Haahoos cake…