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100+ Coolest Homemade Soccer Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Soccer cake ideas shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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Latest Soccer Cake Ideas

Featured Soccer Cake Ideas

Soccer cake by Jennifer L., Mississauga, Ontario

Coolest Soccer Cake Ideas to Make Awesome Soccer Cakes

For the bottom layer I used a regular sheet cake pan (it was a 9X13). For the soccer ball I used a Pyrex bowl filled about a third of the way. To assemble I frosted the entire slab cake with white icing (skim coat) then placed the “soccer ball” on the right side of the cake and frosted it lightly with white icing (all icing was buttercream).

I then tinted some icing blue for the sky, green for the grass and black (used the Wiltons black color) for the soccer ball. The hardest part to frost was the soccer ball. We just ended up cutting out the shape of the patches of a soccer ball and used a chopstick to run around the outside of the patch to make the template on the cake. Then I just filled it in with a decorator bag. After it was all done I drew white lines to represent the net over everything.

This soccer cake was my son’s favorite cake. He still talks about it every birthday (although he’s only 12 now).

Cool Soccer Field Cake

Cake by Stacey R., Los Altos, CA

Soccer Cake

My son wanted a soccer party for his sixth birthday and I wanted to create something he’d really like. Besides all my friends already know how crazy I can go with making my own cakes. I was initially going to make the plain Wilton soccer ball cake but it’s rather small and I came up with an idea I thought was more creative for a soccer cake. I wanted to make it look like the soccer ball was erupting from the ground in the middle of the field.

This was a plain white cake from a cake mix (two cake mixes) for the field and chocolate cake for the soccer ball, also from a cake mix. Both cakes were filled with stabilized whipped cream and fresh strawberries. I used a jelly roll pan (roughly 15.5″x10.5″) for the base and used the Wilton ball pan for the soccer ball. The base required two cake mixes and the ball took on. I put the two rectangular layers together then set half of the Wilton pan in the middle and cut around it to cut a hole out of the top layer. I did not use the entire chocolate “ball” but used half of it with an extra inch or so of the other half to give it a little more height.

Decorating the Cake

First, I frosted the entire soccer cake layer in green with buttercream frosting and frosted the soccer ball white. Then, I did the white detail around the bottom. I came back the next day and piped on the lettering and the field markings. I added the “grass” with tip #233. (In the future I wouldn’t let the cake sit overnight before doing this. It was hard to get the grass to stick to the hardened frosting from the previous day.)

I used the pattern that came with the Wilton pan to trace soccer ball shapes onto the ball and then filled them with small stars. I didn’t have to get all the way to the bottom because I’d carefully made the hole for the ball a little larger than necessary and filled it with ripped up pieces of extra chocolate cake that also covered the bottom of the ball. Also, I added a few spritzes of grass to these too.

Finishing Touches

I made the goals out of lollipop sticks hot glued together and covered with tulle for a net. Realizing that I’d failed to write my son’s age on the cake anywhere I came up with the idea of adding a scoreboard. The scoreboard is made of chocolate (Wilton candy melts) that I spread out on some parchment paper. While it was still warm I cut it into a rectangle and pressed lollipop sticks into the back for it to stand on then wrote the score with buttercream and let it dry overnight before inserting it in the cake the next day. I’d originally intended to put the soccer players on top of the cake but when all was said and done I thought they’d crowd the cake itself. They looked great as decorations on the cake board though!

I sort of wished I’d bothered to level this soccer cake but looking back at the photos I think the curvature actually adds more emphasis to the erupting ball. Everyone loved this cake and it was gratifying to hear another mom say “You made that?”

Awesome Soccer Ball Cake and Cupcakes

Soccer cake by Savita S., Bangkok, Thailand

Soccer Cake

I got the idea for this soccer cake from your wonderful website. My son wanted a sports theme party so I looked at a few cakes and loved your soccer balls. Where I live you don’t get ready made frosting/fondant etc so I made everything from scratch.

The cake is chocolate pound cake and has chocolate buttercream frosting. The fondant was also homemade (very easy just like making any dough). I marked the cake with a toothpick and then painted on the black. I used a pudding basin (two halves) and put it together. It required some sculpting and additional cake layers so be sure to bake more cake than you think you need. I then covered the cake with white buttercream and did some final shaping (to make a perfect round some places had more frosting than others) and froze the cake. This is to prevent the frosting from staining the white fondant.

Soccer Cake

I made the cupcakes because the ball would not have been enough. I just printed some balls of the internet and painted it on to fondant disks., The pits on the basket ball are made with toothpicks. Happy Baking!, I loved making this cake and it was really quite easy!

Amazing Homemade Soccer Cake

Soccer Cake by Earline D., Columbus, TX

Soccer Cake

I made this soccer cake for my grandson who loves playing soccer. I did look at other ball cakes on this site but for my cake I used the insert pan from my Betty Crocker Bake ‘n Fill Set to make my soccer ball. For the base I used the Wilton six-sided pan. I used a vanilla cake mix for the base and chocolate for the soccer ball. Then, I added some of the remaining chocolate batter to the vanilla mix to make a vanilla/chocolate swirl cake for the base.

I always use the Wilton’s Snow-White Buttercream Icing recipe for my frosting because my grandchildren love it. I iced the base cake and then iced the soccer ball and set it on the base. To get the soccer ball pattern I used a real soccer ball to trace the design on paper, took it to my printer and shrunk it 50%. Then I cut out the two designs and laid it on the soccer ball and traced around the design with my fondant wheel. I piped the black lines on the ball with black frosting and then filled in the design with my #13 Wilton tip. I sprinkled some green sugar on the cake to give it some sparkle and some colored sprinkles around the bottom trim for some color.

Fabulous Fondant Ball Cake

Soccer Cake by Jamie V., Cutler Bay, FL

Soccer Cake

This soccer cake was made for the girlfriend of my husband’s co-worker. I like to experiment a lot so I did some different things this time. I used fondant for the first time. After rolling out the fondant I scored the fondant with a wooden skewer into the pattern of a soccer ball. I made the cake in the shape of a half ball using a Pyrex bowl. Then I covered the ball with the scored fondant and painted the black parts with black colored frosting gel diluted with a few drops of vodka. Then I tinted more fondant with green frosting gel and kneaded it until the color was uniform. Rolled it out and placed it on a two layer buttercream filled 13 X 9 cake.

I tinted some of the buttercream frosting green to match the fondant and used tip #16 for the grass around the base of the ball and top of the cake and used tip #352 around the sides of the cake to make grass blades. I then took some other wooden skewers cut to size and placed them in the 13 X 9 “field” where the ball would be placed.

Soccer Cake

This was only to secure it in place for delivery. Then I used the letters that spell out Happy Birthday Jessica and placed them along the outer side of the cake. The letters were also made of fondant that I had cut out days prior and let them dry out so they would harden and keep there letter shape.

Ball cakes seem like a lot of work but really once I got started I seemed to be done quickly. I was very pleased with the outcome and will definitely work with fondant again.

Coolest Soccer Ball in Grass Cake

Soccer Cake by Wendy C., Denmark

Soccer Cake

The football is made in a Christmas pudding tin. I used this wonderful site to get my idea. It is iced with home-made fondant which I rolled out and using a hexagon template made the pattern on it with a blunt knife. I then laid it on the spherical cake and painted the black hexagons on with food coloring.

The grass is a separate cake with buttercream icing. The little white rectangle is for writing the birthday child’s name on in icing or chocolate.

Soccer Cake

Good luck with your own football – soccer cakes.

Cool Homemade Cake

Soccer Cake by Patricia S., Panama City, Panama

Soccer Cake

I choose this sports ball party theme when my son turned two because he was just crazy about playing with balls and had to make this soccer cake his party. We live in Panama now and that means big parties with lots of kids (we had about 100 people there that day – the cake served everyone!)

I made two sheets of regular chocolate cake, frosted it with chocolate frosting to form the “mud” base. The green grass is just shredded sweet coconut mixed up with green food coloring. For the ball I baked two separate lemon box cakes in a round glass bowl. To put it on top of the “ground” I used several wooden skewers (the kind for barbeque kebobs) to fix the parts into place.

The frosting for the ball is vanilla white frosting with another layer of black drawn in the pattern of a soccer ball. I also made three piñatas from newspaper mache – the large soccer and basketballs were formed over blow up beach balls and the small baseball from a balloon. Use newspaper and the flour/water mache mix then paint with tempura paint. Easy!

Spectacular Soccer Field and Ball Cake

Cake by Lisa P., North Attleboro, MA

Soccer Cake

I made two large sheet cakes filled with frosting then put together and frosted with green frosting. The “grass” was made with a grass tip (Wilton #233). The ball was made with a Wilton ball cake pan. I covered it in white frosting then used fondant on top of that. I cut out each piece using the template that came with the cake pan. Also, I purchased plastic goals and players and attached them and used fondant for the letters and lines on the field of the soccer cake.

Cute Spherical Cake

Soccer Cake by Sasha O., Coquitlam, British Columbia

Soccer Cake

I just used a regular cake mix from the box and icing sugar to make this soccer cake. Made five circle cakes and stacked them on top of each other and sculpted with a knife into a sphere. By using a straight edge on a piece of cardboard we made the soccer ball design and then filled it in.

Cool Wilton Ball Mold Cake

Soccer Cake by April H., Fresno, CA

Soccer Cake

I made this cake for my nephew (a big soccer fan and player). I used the Wilton soccer cake mold and actually baked two. In order to hold the two halves together, I used icing and then iced the decorations.

A suggestion for future round cakes of this size. Ice both halves separately then place together. The lower half is difficult to ice once assembled. My nephew loved it!

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