Coolest Stove Cake

I made this cake for my daughter Rehana’s 4th birthday party and I got the idea from a children’s birthday cake book with great ideas to decorate cakes.

The cake is made of two rectangle ribbon cakes, one cake as the base or for the cooker and I cut a strip from the other cake to get the upper part of the cooker where the controlling knobs are. This strip I fixed to the base cake with some butter icing. I iced the full cake with pink colour butter icing. I iced the edges using cream colour icing, and for burners I used brown colour butter icing to outline the burner, two chocolate-coated biscuits as hot plates, and big Smarties as knobs.

Then I kept 2 of my daughter’s toy pans on the burners both filled with sweets and also a toy hanger to fix in front to hold the duster (blue colour duster is a small cut out from the dusters I use). On both sides of the upper cooker I fixed 2 toothpicks to hang spoons and decorated the cake with pink colour butter icing flowers to make it more colourful.

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