Coolest Winnie the Pooh Cakes and How-To Tips

Take a look at these cool homemade Winnie the Pooh cakes shared with us by bakers from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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3D Tigger Birthday Cake

Tigger cake

I was asked to make a Tigger birthday cake for the 1st birthday of a beautiful little girl. I must admit that Tigger is one of my favorite characters and therefor I was very happy to make a cake of this lovely character.

So, I knew that I wanted to make a 3D Tigger out of cake but since there were going to be a lot of guests at the party, I decided to add more cake by putting Tigger on top of another cake. Read more about this Tigger cake…

Cool Eeyore Cake

Homemade Eeyore Birthday Cake

I made this Eeyore Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday, as Eeyore is her favourite toy that she sleeps with and takes everywhere. This is a cake I designed by myself.

Firstly I made a large rectangular butter cake, using three times a home made butter cake recipe ( but packet cakes will work also) the size of cake I made takes 1hr to cook. I found an image of Eeyore’s head and made a baking/tracing paper template cutting out the head, ears and hair semicircle out separately. Read more about this Eeyore cake…

Cake by Rebecca C., Brighton, UK

Coolest Winnie the Pooh Cakes and How-To Tips

My daughter is utterly obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and friends so we decided to have a Winnie themed party for her secpnd Birthday. I dabble when it comes to baking and had never attempted an iced cake like this but I was really pleased with the way it turned out. I didn’t have enough time to buy a shaped tin so I decided to make my own paper pattern for shaping Pooh out of sponge cake. I like to make things hard for myself! I knew all those hours spent drawing pictures of Winnie the Pooh for my little one would come in handy.

I drew around my round cake tin for a size guide and then drew the shape of Pooh’s face and cut it out. I made a pattern for the ears by drawing round a water glass. The ears came from off cuts cut from the oblong cakes. I used an oblong cake tin for Poohs Tshirt so I would have somewhere for some writing and candles (and because in my opinion you can never have too much cake at a birthday party – the bigger the better!).

I baked an all-in-one sponge (two round tins, two oblong) sandwiched with buttercream and jam. Then I used my paper pattern to cut the sponge to the shapes I wanted and assembled it together with buttercream then glazed it with jam. I used ready to roll fondant icing to cover the cake but made the mistake of buying white. Since I only had liquid food colors it took me ages to get the colors I wanted and by the time I’d mixed in enough food colour the fondant was too wet so I had to add more icing sugar. Buy ready colored icing or food colour pastes – saves a serious amount of time and hassle! For Pooh’s features I painted directly onto the fondant with food colour freehand.

My own attempt at making Winnie the Pooh cakes was successful and my little girl was thrilled with it which was the best thing of all!

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