Brain Cake with Fake Blood

Brain Cake with Fake Blood

I made this brain cake for my sister as she recently had brain surgery. I used 2 round red velvet cakes and coloured the cream cheese frosting to pink to ice the brain. Once I covered the cake in frosting, I made the brain matter with rolled fondant. The fondant was originally white but I … Read more

Coolest BioMed Graduation Cake

I had a friend contact me one day. She said a friend of hers daughter was graduating from High School and was needing a two tiered red velvet  cake. I accepted the challenge and asked her to email me things that they wanted on the cake. I made the top tier white and the bottom blue … Read more

Coolest False Teeth Cake

It was my dad’s birthday in April. Just couldn’t think what type of cake to make for him this year, he’s a bit of a joker and I knew he could take a joke  so I decided to make a false teeth cake for him. Well, when he saw it he laughed and took his own … Read more

Coolest Nursing Theme Cake

Some people think nursing is just about syringes, injections and all but you’ve got to have brains too. This cake highlights just that. It was done in honor of a lady who brilliantly earned a Phd in Nursing Sciences. It was fun to make because for the first time  I had to sculpt a stethoscope, … Read more

Gruesome Brain Cake for a Science Party

Gruesome Brain Cake for a Science Party

Last year for my daughter’s 7th birthday party, we decided on the theme of  ‘Weird Science’, and it proceeded to take over my life for a month or so there. I was so happy to be free from stupid girly rubbish, that I kind of went a bit crazy with the experiments and equipment, lolly … Read more

Cool Nursing School Graduate Cake

Nursing Graduate Cake

I made this Nursing School graduate cake for my niece who just graduated from Nursing School. First I made the pattern for the shape. I had to measure and make sure the dimensions would fit with the cake pan that I was going to use. Once I finished the pattern I had to start making the … Read more

Coolest OR Cake

OR Cake

I have been working as a nurse in OR and am now studying medicine. I really loved my work and already made an OR-cake for my team as I left hospital. Now it was a fellow student’s birthday. She loves surgery too and wants to become a surgeon. I thought of copying the design I … Read more

Coolest Eyeball Cake

Sometime after my son’s 6th birthday, he started saying “eyeball” as an answer to everything. I would say, “what do you want for dinner?”, he would say ,”eyeball.”  I would say “which shirt are you going to wear?” and he would say “eyeball.”  He was just being very silly and sometimes saying “eyeball” for no … Read more

Coolest Nurse Retirement Cake

This is a cake that I was asked to make for a nurse that was retiring from Hospice! Her co-workers were planning a surprise retirement party for her! I felt honored to make this retirement cake and hoped that it would make her surprise party that much more special! The inside had alternating layers of … Read more

Sweet Tooth Birthday Cake

Sweet Tooth Birthday Cake

I am a dental hygienist and one of the dentists in my clinic was turning 60. I offered to bring the cake for his pot-luck lunch and decided to make a tooth birthday cake. I baked a chocolate (everyone loves chocolate!) box mix cake in a rectangular 8×13 pan. I drew a molar on a … Read more

Coolest Nurse’s Graduation Cake

This cake was done for nurse who graduated from Nursing School. It is a two tier white cake, the bottom is a 10 inch and the top is a 8 inch. All the decorations were made from fondant several days ahead of time to be able to dry. The pill bottle was formed around a small … Read more

Coolest Doctor on Call Birthday Cake

Coolest Doctor on Call Birthday Cake

It’s my husband’s birthday and I thought it would be nice to bake a cake having some of the things he works with, modeled on it. So I decided to model a stethoscope and I used regular fondant icing to create like patches of cotton wool around the base of the cake. I used the … Read more