Cool Homemade Nurse Cake

This nurse cake was very special to me. My best friend graduated with her degree in nursing, and I thought she deserved a special cake for this great achievement. This cake was probably one of the toughest, just because all the nursing tools on top of the cake i made them all myself with fondant, … Read more

Fibroid Surgery? Who Makes a Cake for That? Uterus Cake!

Fibroid Surgery? Who Makes a Cake for That? Uterus Cake!

Has anyone you’ve known suffered from Fibroid pain? They are basically lumps in your uterus that are very painful and have to be surgically removed. So what better way to make a person suffering from Fibroid Pain feel better than make a uterus cake! Complete with fibroids, this friend of ours had two very large … Read more

Periodic Table of Elements Birthday Cake

Periodic Table of Elements Birthday Cake

My son had a science-themed party. This was so much fun. He wanted a cake of the periodic table of elements. I originally was going to do cupcakes of each element and form them to represent the table and still may try this just yet, but he was only having about 8 friends to his … Read more

Monster Eye Balls Cake for my Little Sweet Monster

Monster Eye Balls Cake for my Little Sweet Monster

I made this Monster Eye Balls cake for my little sweet Monster. I baked a round chocolate cake covered in orange fondant hair. I used an orange fondant with a clay gun. The eyes I made from green lollipops which I covered in white and orange and black for the eyes. My grandson was ecstatic. He was singing and … Read more

Coolest Orange Monster Cake

Coolest Orange Monster Cake

I did this quick orange Monster cake as my submission for the the Halloween potluck at work.  The cake was a double layer chocolate cake with the orange butter cream in the middle as well.  After stacking, I simply covered it in orange frosting using the “grass” tip. Tedious work, but not too bad.  The … Read more

Coolest Bubbling Science 6th Birthday Cake

Coolest Bubbling Science 6th Birthday Cake

I never turn out professional looking cakes, but I aim for fun. My son, turning 6, wanted a mad science birthday party. I saw a few ideas online, but thought a lot were over his head (and perhaps my abilities). So, I went with a simple cake plan, and added some pizzas with an experiment ON the cake… … Read more

Coolest Nurse Cake Design

Homemade Nurse Cake Design

I made this Nurse Cake Design for a guy my Mom works with that just became a nurse. I made a 1/2 a sheet cake and iced it white. The stethoscope and band-aids were made from icing. The pills are red and white airheads shaped into pills.

Coolest Colon Cake

Homemade Colon Cake

I am a nurse working in Gastroenterology so I assist with colonoscopies on a daily basis. For ‘Nurses Week’ a couple years ago someone suggested that I make a cake shaped like a colon. She had seen a similar one in EndoNurse magazine. I looked up their website and contacted the editor who contacted the … Read more

Coolest Med School Graduate Cake

Homemade Med School Graduate Cake

This Med School graduate cake was made with one day notice! If you can believe it! Turns out it’s one of my favorite cakes to date. Yummy devils food chocolate cake with a strawberry whipped filling and whipped frosting covered in fondant. 2 cups flour 2 cups sugar 3/4 cup cocoa 1-1/2 teaspoons baking soda … Read more

Coolest Foot Cake

Homemade Foot Cake

My friend is a Chiropodist and so I wanted to make a cake relating to her job. I made an orange sponge cake recipe. Then I traced around my own foot to get that shape. I just made slight indentations around the toe area to give the shape once the Royal Icing was covering it. … Read more

Coolest Dosette Box with Pills Cake

Homemade Dosette Box with Pills Cake

I made this Dosette Box with Pills Cake for our graduating class in mental health nursing. It’s a Dosette box with pills! Of course I had to add the coffee cups above it as we almost all had shares in coffee by the time we had finished our training. The base is sponge with butter … Read more

Coolest Digestive System Cake

Coolest Digestive System Cake

My son Paul is very interested in the human body. So, when it was time for us to plan his 6th birthday party, he said that he wanted a cake of the digestive system. Once I got over the initial shock of his request, I started looking around for photos of similar cakes on the … Read more

Coolest Ammonite Cakes

Coolest Ammonite Cakes

These two little beauties were so much fun to make! For each cake I used two round cake pans and put them on top of each other with a layer of frosting between. I found that it helped to put the layers together with the frosting in between and then wrap them and put them … Read more

Coolest Scientist Cake

Homemade Scientist Cake

My nine year old daughter wanted a mad scientist party with an actual scientist cake and this is what I came up with. First I purchased a Bob The Builder pan. I used the pan as the shape for my scientist. I made a regular box cake mix in it and then attempted to decorate … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scientist Cake

Homemade Scientist Cake

I made this Homemade Scientist Cake for a friend’s birthday-it’s 2 double chocolate 12×18″ cakes with fresh strawberry filling. The Einstein body and head are made from rice krispy treats and covered in fondant. All the details are made from fondant as well.

Coolest Brain Cake

Homemade Brain Cake

This Brain Cake was the inspiration of my wife, we were going to do a Lego cake but this was much more fun, The cake itself is a normal sponge cake coloured with red food colouring so that when we cut it open it will be red inside too, It was baked in a Pyrex … Read more

Coolest Cardiac Cake

Cardiac Cake

After some troubling recent bouts of arrythmia, my Dad, who has an oddball sense of humor, requested a birthday cake that would reflect his recent difficulties (including two hospitalizations, a host of EKGs and catheterizations, and the installation of a pacemaker and defibrillator). So, for this cardiac cake I made a one-layer white cake using … Read more

Coolest Brain Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

My son was having a Mad Science Birthday party and I wanted to make a Brain cake that really went along with the theme. I started by baking two 14″ wide 3″ deep round layers of red velvet cake. After cooling I leveled them and put them together with a layer of the lime green … Read more

Coolest Eye Cake

Eye Cake

I saw these eye cakes in a magazine and thought I should try it. So easy and really fun! Using unglazed donut holes (holds frosting really well) and M&Ms these are great for a Halloween party. After looking at the grocery stores for weeks I was unable to find unglazed donut holes. So I went … Read more

Coolest Human Heart Cake

Homemade Human Heart Cake

I made this Human Heart Cake for my oldest brother, he is currently on the heart transplant list in New York. He recently had a procedure done, they had to install whats called an LVAD unit, it assists the flow of blood thru the left side of his heart. This should help him until a … Read more

Coolest Breast Cancer Awareness Cake

Homemade Breast Cancer Awareness Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a Breast Cancer Awareness bowling league. I used store-bought icing tinted with Wilton paste coloring for the flesh and homemade buttercream icing for the rest. I thought the buttercream might be too rough looking and might seem less realistic. I outlined the ribbons with a writing tip … Read more

Coolest Eyeball Cupcakes

Bloodshot Eyeball Cupcakes

These eyeball cupcakes are so easy to make. I iced cupcakes in white icing. For the center I used Gummy savers and a chocolate chip turned upside down. Then I colored icing red and made the veins. They were a hit at my Halloween party!