125+ Coolest Homemade Butterfly Cakes

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Butterfly Cakes by Nicole P., Pittsburg, PA

Coolest Butterfly Cakes and Butterfly Birthday Cake Designs

This cake is easier than it looks. I baked a cake in a 12×2 inch cake pan. When completely cooled I cut the cake in half right down the middle. Then I switched the two halves so the rounded part is in the middle. I then cut a piece from the rounded side going up from about 3 inches from the bottom., I separated the small piece from the big one to make it look more like wings and then frosted all the pieces with blue frosting that I tinted.

To make the coloring on the wings I used two different sugar crystals (yellow and blue) I started with the yellow and just sprinkled it on in an oval shape; I then went around it with the blue. For the bottom edge I found some butterfly shaped candies that I just sprinkled all around the edges.

For the body of the butterfly I used green sour string candy. I stacked them on top of each other and on one piece I cut one inch down the middle to make the antenna. Butterfly cakes are lots of fun to make because you can really get creative on the wings and add more color if you like.

Awesome Wilton Butterfly Cakes

Butterfly Cakes by Cami F., Middleburg, FL

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

I decided to do two butterfly cakes for my daughter’s first birthday to accommodate all the guests. The cakes were made from an old Wilton Cake pan that my mom used for me when I was little. I used pipe cleaners for the antennae. The butterfly cakes were a huge hit!

Coolest Butterfly Cakes
Coolest Butterfly Cakes

Vibrant Homemade Cake and Cupcakes

Butterfly Cakes by Carol P., Ancaster, Ontario

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

This cake was made with two chocolate circle cakes and a loaf shaped chocolate cake (there was cake left over, it was not all used). The circles were cut and arranged to achieve the wings. I sort of mixed my own icing with pre-mixed whipped frosting and Wilson concentrated food color (it makes the best color; regular food color is not so intense). I added sprinkles were added to layer the color. I added coulored Smarties to the body and white yogurt covered raisins to frame the butterfly.

For the kids I made little ladybug and frog cupcakes. Ladybugs were decorated with licorice and icing. The frogs were cut in half Ju-Jubs (for eyes) and frosting. I love the frosting tubes and mousse cans, they are big help if you are an amateur (like me) and don’t want to take the time to figure out how to do it yourself.

I am just starting to get into real confectionary techniques but I will not give up my icing tubes just yet!

Cool Tiered Lollipop Cake

Butterfly cakes by Evelyn F., Donaldson, PA

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

This cake was made with the petal pan set. I made all the butterflies and flowers out of chocolate lollipop molds prior to making the cake. I iced the cake in purple (even though the pictures make it look brown, not good lighting I guess). Then I piped on the lace and placed the lollipops on.

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

Pretty Pink Butterfly Cake

Birthday Cakes by Karen A., Lexington, KY

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

The little girl I baby-sit for wanted a butterfly cake and this is what I came up with.

Very basic – make two round cakes and split them in half. Angle them to make them look like wings of a butterfly. I used a pink snowball cake to make the body and red rope candy to make the antenna.

The wings are decorated with colored marshmallows and colored sprinkles to give the butterfly some design on its wings.

Beautiful Butterfly Cake

Cake by Shannon L., Williamsville, NY

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

I made this cake for my niece who was having a flower fairy themed birthday party. The butterflies and flowers are made out of royal icing and fondant. I also made flower fairy cookie pops as party favors for all the girls to take home.

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

Fantastic Fondant Covered Cake

Butterfly Cakes by Sara P., Gilbert, AZ

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

This was an 8″ cake, store-bought white cake with strawberry cream filling (a delicious blend of pureed strawberries, whipped cream, and meringue). I frosted the outside of the cake with a thin layer of store-bought strawberry frosting, and then I covered it with rolled fondant.

It is a hassle to make homemade rolled fondant; you need special ingredients and it is very labor-intensive and time-consuming, so next time I will probably buy it; you can get rolled fondant pre-made in any color. I made this myself; the good thing about it is that I could make the different colors I wanted and didn’t need to buy large amounts.

I used a paper plate with butterflies on it for my template for the butterfly; and cut out the shape in fondant with a knife. I used cookie cutters for the flowers (also rolled fondant) and buttercream for outlining the butterfly. I brushed water on the butterfly and flowers and put some of that coarse decorating sugar, to make it sparkly. The water makes it stick.

I made a fondant rope for the base, which looks nice but is kind of hard and you have to be careful that your fondant doesn’t dry out. My only problem with this cake is that the fondant proved too heavy for the light strawberry cream filling inside, and the cake began to buckle after a few hours, so the next time I cover a cake with fondant, I will make sure that the inside of the cake is more sturdy. It was only a minor problem and I don’t think anyone noticed except for me!

Easy Homemade Butterfly Cakes

Butterfly cakes by Roxanne K., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

For my daughters first birthday I did a butterfly theme and made butterfly cakes.

Firstly, for each butterfly, I baked two cakes, one using the largest spring form round pan and the other a 9×9 square pan.

After letting the butterfly cakes cool, I cut the 9×9 cake in half and put it in the middle of the serving tray as the body. Then, I cut the round cake in half and put each half, round side against the body on a slight angle.

I tinted the butter cream frosting using pastel colors to decorate the butterfly. For the antennas, I used shoestring licorice and curled it.

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

It was such a big celebration; I had two parties and made three butterfly cakes. All had a great time and enjoyed the butterfly cakes!

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

Gorgeous Wilton Flower Pan Cake

Cake by V. P., Canada

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

The cake was baked in a Wilton flower pan and covered in fondant. The hearts on the flower are also fondant, and the grass trim on the bottom is butter cream. The 3D butterflies are fondant (with popsicle sticks inserted in the bottom to hold them upright), which were left to dry until hard. Finally, the faces were painted on with an edible marker. Butterfly cakes are great!

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

Awesomely Colorful Butterfly Cake

Cake by Janee W., Topeka, KS

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

I made this cake for one of my best friend’s little girl who was turning two; she really loves butterfly cakes.

The pans I used were a bowling pin cake pan for the body. I cut the top off of the bowling pin, turned it upside-down, shaped it like a butterfly body and re-attached the head of the pin on the flat surface (opposite of where it had been).

The butterfly cakes wings were four heart-shaped pans, although you could use just two, but it takes a little longer, of course. I used a strawberry cake mix and frosted it with a cream cheese decorator frosting, which is fantastic!!!

The decorated portion of the butterfly cakes wings and face were colored fondant that was already pre-made. Antennas were pipe cleaners and the eyes were found at a craft store. Then, pink, edible glitter was sprinkled across the entire butterfly.

This cake was HUGE; I used 3 cake mixes and almost two 4lb. bags of powdered sugar for the frosting.

Cream Cheese Frosting: 2lb. powdered sugar, 1 stick (1/2C) butter (NOT margarine), one 8oz. package of cream cheese, 1 tbsp. milk, cream butter and cream cheese until smooth, add sugar and milk.

For smoothing, thin the icing. For piping, I had to add more powdered sugar and refrigerate the frosting at times because this cake was TIME CONSUMING! Butterfly cakes are worth it! Good luck to you!!

Cutest Collection of Butterfly Cakes

Cake by Jennifer D., Leesville, LA

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

These butterfly cakes were easy. I started with a round cake and cut it in half. I turned the halves around so the outside of the circle was touching. The frosting matched the flavor of the cake. I made 2 orange, 2 choc, and 2 strawberry. A Twinkie was the body and red licorice string was the antennas. I used colored sugar to make the butterfly cakes sparkle.

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

Stunningly Piped Homemade Cake and Cookies

Cake by Angela N., Singapore

Coolest Butterfly Cakes

I made this butterfly cake from two 9″ round cakes and sprinkled sour gummy worms in the grass around the butterfly. The cookies go with the goody bags since it’s the Butterfly Theme party.

Coolest Butterfly Cakes