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Haunted House Cake

Haunted House Cake

My granddaughter’s birthday is October 28th so we decided to have a Halloween birthday party.

I baked a 13×9 vanilla cake and frosted it with chocolate fudge frosting. Then, I added a pumpkin patch with candy pumpkins and green butter cream frosting.  I made cookie tombstones and a graveyard fence by dipping pretzels in melted chocolate and shaping them into a broken down fence.

I also baked a chocolate house shaped cake using Wilton’s house pan which I frosted with purple, black and orange butter cream and added cobwebs and marshmallow ghosts. Read more about this Haunted House cake…

Zombie Cake

Zombie Cake

My friends grandson asked if he could have a zombie cake for his 9th birthday so she asked me to make it for him. I was over the moon about it I’d never made a zombie cake before and couldn’t wait to get started. I had to make the grave stone and cut in the letters RIP. Then, I set this aside.

I then made the 1/2 torso in blue for the zombie and then attached some arms and then made the head and poked two holes for the eyes to be fitted later. I made two small balls for the eyes and set these aside too. These were left to harden over night. The next day I coloured the head stone in green using a little gin and green food colouring and then coloured the zombies face in using greens yellows and browns and a little gin this dries when the gin evaporates. When dry I coloured the mouth and the eye sockets in red for blood and with my edible marker pen I drew red blood vessels on the eyes and attached them to the eye sockets using a little royal icing. Read more about this Zombie cake…